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    Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Buyer’s Agent

    Why Hire a Buyer’s Agent? Becoming a homeowner is exciting and stressful. A buyer’s agent will guide you through the process, and help you make an informed and educated decision. A home is likely your largest investment so protect it with your own representation.
    1. Onsite Sales Representative Work for the Builder, Not You
    2. Knowledge of Neighborhoods and Available Homes
    3. Pricing Expertise
    4. Contract and Paperwork Expertise
    5. Buyer Representation is Free
    Hi! I’m Marissa Boyle, let me help you find your new home.

    Finding the home of your dreams can sometimes seem overwhelming. We at Lodestone Real Estate are dedicated to help you navigate Charlotte’s real estate market so you can find a place to call your own. Schedule a time to speak with a new home specialist today!

    I started working with Marissa Boyle soon after her arrival to the Charlotte area. Marissa has always been right there for whatever the situation called for. She has the ability to work a situation until the best solution is found. Marissa has extensive knowledge of the Real Estate world, and if she does not know the answer, she has a team to back her up and advise her./p>

    Roberta Jay

    We have know Marissa for many years. She is the very definition of professionalism and attention to detail. Marissa not only gives her clients the utmost care and attention but she also raises money for charity. You could not go wrong by choosing Marissa Boyle for your real estate agent.

    Preston Sandlin

    Benefits of Buying a New Home

    1. Warranties
    2. Design Your New Home
    3. Low Maintenance
    4. Energy Savings
    5. Pick Your Floorplan

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