Tips for making your household pet-friendly during the upcoming holidays

One of the most meaningful gifts during the holiday season is the gift of a pet. Most pet owners consider their furry friends as members of their family. Obviously, it is very important to make sure someone is entirely up for the challenge of owning a pet, even when you are trying to keep it a surprise. On the other hand, if you want to make the decision of getting a pet yourself, you
may want to consider ways in which you can prepare yourself for this new potential addition to your life. These tips for making your household pet-friendly during the upcoming holidays will help get your home ready.

Most of these tips for making your household pet-friendly during the upcoming holidays will deal with the way you set up your home during this time, all the while keeping your pet's safety a priority. However, there are certain things every new pet owner should be aware of, no matter the season:
● Figure out what the proper nutrition and shelter are for your new pal.
● Find a good vet.
● Arm yourself with patience and prepare yourself for health and behavior problems.
● Stock up on pet accessories.
● Figure out your pet’s routine and start with training.

Keeping a regular schedule while fun and enjoyable, the holidays are also a very busy time for most people. Even if you are staying home for the holidays, chances are, you are going to spend a lot of it out of the house. No matter what your personal schedule is, make sure that your pet’s walking and feeding schedule is as regular as possible. You may have a lot of people coming through the house. This can be slightly disorientating for your pet, as well as tiring. So try to keep their days as regular and calm as possible.

Most experienced pet owners will already know these things. However, if this is your first time having a pet inside the house, there may be some interior design modifications you will need to make. You may need to change how you usually decorate your home for the holidays. Here are some tips on how to decorate your home in a way that is safe for your pets.

One of the big no-no’s, for example, is tinsel. Tinsel is obviously very shiny and thus very fascinating to pets, especially cats. Unfortunately, ingesting it can be quite hazardous for your pets. Try to find a different way to infuse Yuletide joy into your home.

Toxic decorations

Certain holiday plants like mistletoe and poinsettias are toxic to pets. It is a good general rule to check the list of toxic plants you can find online and make sure your pets come nowhere near them. Another source of poisoning can actually be your Christmas tree. Christmas trees are chemically treated to ensure they stay fresh throughout the holiday season. One of the best tips for making your household pet-friendly during the upcoming holidays is to purchase an artificialtree. You’ll be able to use it for years after and it won’t pose as much of a threat to your new pet.

Candles are a part of many family traditions and celebrations, and households all over the world light them during the holidays. As a pet owner, you also have to approach this tradition a bit more strategically. Make sure the lit candles are far out of reach of your pets. They can be a real home safety hazard if knocked down. There are alternatives like flameless candles that can be a good substitute.

Another one of the basic tips for making your household pet-friendly during the upcoming holidays is to unplug twinkling lights when you’re not home. You should also make sure the cords are out of reach of your pets, in order to avoid finding them chewed up.

Once you have a pet, there are very few things that you can do haphazardly. A strategy is required for most things, including the way you decorate your tree. Not only would it be a good idea to get an artificial one and keep Christmas lights in a safe place, but you should also be careful with your ornaments. You should try to keep your pets away from the process of decorating the tree, for their own safety. Once you have finished, make sure there are no extra
ornament hooks lying around. These can be ingested by your pet and cause harm which might even require surgery.

You might want to anchor your tree somehow, especially if you have a cat. If possible, you could go for a much smaller tree for your first holiday season with your pet, or forgo the tree altogether. This will cross one major worry off your list for at least this one year when you are inexperienced. Be careful with the types of ornaments you choose as well. If you simply have to include some glass or metal ones, make sure to place them in such a way that your pets cannot
reach them.

Moving with pets during the holidays
Moving during any time of the year is pretty stressful, but even more so during the holiday season. While you can fully make your holiday relocation easier by following a few simple tips, it is important to also consider how you can make your old or new pets comfortable during this big change. One of the basic ways to make sure your pets are calm throughout the process is to ensure that you pack an overnight bag for them. It should contain enough food, kitty litter, toys
and the basic grooming tools to keep them happy during the first couple of days.
Another thing you should pay attention to when moving is to keep them away from the mess and the action. If you can, find a quiet corner in your new place where they will have some peace while you unpack. The best way to do this, though, is to have your pet come in only once you have fully moved in. Take advantage of people’s generous spirit during this time of the year and
ask a friend or a family member to pet-sit while you take care of everything.

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