The Best Advice for Seniors Who Are Ready to Pare Down

The Best Advice for Seniors Who Are Ready to Pare Down

Written by Mike Longsdon

Is it time to cut back on household responsibilities and work so you can make the most of your golden years? Downsizing can be a key to savoring all that life has to offer. Here’s some important advice for seniors who are ready to pare down.  

Planning the Transition

When it comes to any major lifestyle change, the sooner you can establish plans for each phase, the better. Bear in mind, however, that many aspects of downsizing are time-consuming.  For instance, most seniors need to put some thought into editing their belongings when they downsize. Then there is packing, cleaning, finding the new abode, preparing it for moving in, and the actual move itself. For much of the work, hiring help is a boon, as it can free you up to focus on other things, alleviating a lot of stress as well as some heavy labor.

Pros Can Make All the Difference

Moving is backbreaking, stressful work, and it isn’t particularly fun at any age. Thankfully, there are many resources available to help with some or all of the process. For instance, a senior move manager can make virtually all of the arrangements outside of selecting the new home, from packing and transporting your items to unpacking and organizing your belongings in the new home. Many seniors at least hire a moving company to do the packing, loading, and unloading. If you hire professional movers, be sure to do some reference checks before making your selection, and ensure you’re familiar with common moving scams so you recognize any red flags. When it comes to making alterations to a property before moving in, you can research repairmen in advance as well.  

Selecting a Property

Choosing the right home or housing community (including the increasingly popular home-sharing option) for your golden years can be a bit of a challenge, but the right planning can help you make a smarter decision. Now is the time to really think about your financial situation and what your options are before shopping for a home. If you’re a serviceman or veteran, you should look into a VA home loan provided by lenders. This loan can be easier to obtain as opposed to a conventional loan. You should contact a lender that offers this to see whether you qualify and what the benefits are. When it’s time to choose a home, thinking in terms of easy care and lifelong independence can mean improved comfort and less work. For instance, homes with vinyl or fiber-cement siding, metal roofing, quartz countertops, and laminate floors tend to be low-maintenance, easing your care burden as well as your budget.  

Beyond Low-Maintenance

Even if you are healthy and active, it’s important to think in terms of your future needs when looking at potential properties. A smooth surface floor like laminate is better for navigation if your mobility should ever wane. Along those same lines, a home that offers ground-floor living and an open floor plan is a benefit to those who hope to stay in their homes throughout growing older. You can use an aging-in-place checklist from Senior Citizen’s Guide to help determine what properties best suit your needs and desires.  

Cutting Back on Clutter

One of the most emotional and lengthy phases of downsizing is decluttering. Sorting out memories and belongings can be challenging, so set aside ample time for the process, make a game plan, and avoid trying to do too much at once. Think through how you will go about decluttering. One method is to start with a list of what types of items you plan to avoid moving into your new home. For instance, you might decide old hobby equipment you no longer use isn’t making the cut, your grown children’s things might need to go, and maybe there are some collections you no longer intend to keep. Decide where items you discard will go. For instance, you might elect to sell your belongings in a yard sale, resale shop, or online for some spending money, donate things to charities, or recycle them. Once you finish paring down, you’ll be ready to pack things up and move into your new home.

Downsizing can be a challenge, but it’s also an exciting time. Do some decluttering, make arrangements in advance, and seek out that perfect abode. When you’re ready to cut back on having so much responsibility, a smaller, easy-to-maintain home can be just the ticket.  

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