Technology Innovations and the Home Buying and Selling Process

Written by Kristin Louis

Today’s real estate market is unlike any other. While certain home features, such as a large kitchen and fenced backyard, remain high on buyer priorities lists, smart home technology has become a major focus. But what does that mean to you as a buyer or seller? Lodestone Real Estate can help! Keep reading for more information and to learn how technology plays a part in the buying and selling process.

What is smart home technology?

Smart home technology, also referred to as home automation or domotics, is simply advanced devices installed in the home that make life easier. Examples include automatic lights, internet-ready TVs, and programmable thermostats which can be controlled at a distance or preset for full automation.

Types of smart home devices

Most people are now familiar with Amazon and Google and their respective devices that serve as smart home hubs. Echo, Home and similar gadgets allow homeowners to control a number of different aspects of their home safety and comfort. Your smartphone and computer can tie in as well. If it’s time for an upgrade for things to run smoothly, look into seasonal savings opportunities to stretch your budget.

  • Programmable thermostat. As Compact Alliance explains, a programmable thermostat takes the guesswork out of keeping a home at a comfortable temperature. These devices, which can be controlled by hand, phone, or computer, may be set to adjust to a family’s routine. For instance, temperature may be lowered during the day and increased automatically in the hour prior to the family coming home. Many can also learn your patterns and automatically adjust to your routine.
  • Voice-controlled lights. Of particular interest to seniors and families with young children are homes available with voice-controlled lights. Philips Hue is one example of a lighting system that can be adjusted without touch. Lights may be dimmed, turned on or off, or set to a customizable color. This makes it easy for people with visual impairments to get the exact amount of lighting they need when they need it.
  • Home security. Home security is a major issue throughout the country. PCMag recently reviewed a number of the top smart home security systems, noting which benefits are available with each. Some have environmental sensors, power outage backup and voice assistance. Many can be controlled off-site and provide video-monitoring capabilities that will appeal to parents with school-age children who may be home alone in the afternoon.
  • Video doorbell. Nest has become a major provider of smart home technology including alarm systems, smoke and CO2 monitors, and thermostats. But perhaps the most popular is Nest Hello, a video doorbell, which is invaluable on large properties.

Who wants a smart home?

There is no simple answer to this question, but findings by the National Association of Realtors suggested smart technology has begun to grab the attention of buyers in all price levels. In fact, 42 percent of realtors mentioned their clients were interested in smart home devices. 

It bears mentioning that anyone interested in adding home automation improvements to make their property more attractive should contact an electrician to install items such as the Nest thermometer and other hardwired devices. This ensures a quick and professionally handled installation, which buyers will appreciate, making it worth the cost. 

 Can smart devices help sell a home?

Conveying smart devices with a property may make it more desirable than similar non-connected homes. This varies from market to market, and the best person to answer that question is an experienced realtor in the region. 

Additional Tech Tools

The real estate market is deeply influenced by technology these days with people transitioning to more remote business dealings and online interactions. Not long ago, virtual tours and 3D home staging were only used on the fringes, but now they are industry standards. Your real estate agent will be able to help you navigate these tools to your advantage, both as a buyer and seller. 

Smart home technology has become an expected feature in new homes. Many second-home buyers may look favorably upon properties that come prepackaged with the ability to see their investment when they’re away. One thing is for sure: technology continues to innovate the home buying and selling process. To learn more about how you can make these innovations work for you as a homeowner, buyer or seller, and for all your real estate needs, connect with Lodestone Real Estate today!

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