Red flags to look for before submitting a purchase offer

    If you’re looking to buy a house in Charlotte, there are likely numerous available properties that would complement you and your family’s lifestyle. Across the Queen City, lots of quality housing can be found in its many upscale neighborhoods.

    However, on occasion, prospective buyers are shown homes¬†that are in need of attention before a sale can take place. When searching for a house, there are multiple aspects you need to consider, including a property’s size, price, location and condition. And although a residential professional will conduct a comprehensive inspection of a property before a sale is finalized, you should make sure to look for any potential problems while personally touring the home.

    The following housing issues are red flags that may point toward larger complications:

    Offensive odors
    While most of the cues you will look for when examining a property are visual, some require the use of your other senses. For instance, overwhelming smells should not be ignored or overlooked, as they could be difficult and costly to remove. While some scents can be ameliorated by taking out the trash, odors that stem from a larger issue may require professional treatment. Mold is a pungent problem that you will want to avoid inheriting, so ensure to use your nose as much as your eyes during a residential walk-through.

    Unstable foundation
    Due to the fact that most homes are built upon a firm foundation, any discrepancies that can be found in the foundation should be addressed immediately. Cracks or signs of bulging can potentially lead to unsafe conditions that would warrant considerable restoration, so it is important you spend some time examining this portion of a property. It is a good idea to speak with the current owners or selling agent to get information regarding the foundation’s age, and history of repair work, to see if this has been a prevalent problem in the past.

    Faulty wiring, plumbing
    Depending upon when the house you’re interested in buying was built, you may want to take a look at its internal systems, to see the state of its plumbing and electrical connections. Old and faulty wiring can not only be expensive to fix, but dangerous to leave as-is. If you or one of your family members comes into contact with wires that were incorrectly installed or improperly grounded, the result could be severe injury or possibly even death.

    Pest infestation
    One of the housing issues that is hard to spot and difficult to treat is pests. Termites, cockroaches and mice that make their home inside a property’s walls can wreak havoc on its structural integrity and cleanliness. While visiting an available residence, be on the lookout for signs of rotting wood or evidence of fecal matter, as these are indications that your family won’t be the only ones living in the home.

    Interested in learning what other kind of red flags you should be wary of while touring listed properties? The team of seasoned professionals at Lodestone Real Estate can provide you with valuable advice, and help you navigate the path to homeownership. Based in Charlotte, this residential agency has grown into a regional housing authority during its time in operation.

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