Lodestone Lifestyles: Diana Stoner

     Diane Stoner, a personal trainer living in SouthPark, is a consummate fitness expert, vegan and adrenaline junky. She has completed two Ironman triathlons and made 71 jumps as a licensed skydiver.

    Diane Stoner

    Name: Diane Stoner
    Current residence: SouthPark, NC
    Profession: Personal trainer
    Company: Prescriptive Fitness, Goal Fitness Training
    Daily commute: About 2 minutes
    Favorite neighborhood entertainment: The summer symphony series at Symphony Park
    Family members: Rodney, husband
    Pets: Ollie, Jack Russel Terrier

    Q: The first leg of all triathlons is a swim phase – where do you do your water training in Charlotte? It’s pretty landlocked here.

    A: I swim at either Harris YMCA or The Mecklenburg Aquatics Center in Uptown.

    Q: So, you’ve willingly thrown yourself out of a plane 71 times – what is it that keeps you coming back for more?

    A: I haven’t skydived in about 10 years. I sold my gear and called it a hobby when I realized that I would probably never like flying. Loved jumping, not flying, but what kept me coming back was that jump, the overwhelming experience and the adrenaline. It was amazing!

    Q: You can only run one route through your neighborhood for the rest of your life. Which would it be?

    A: I love running Sharon to Runnymedeto Selwyn Avenue, but sometimes I go Queens Road West, sometimes Providence. Love that route!

    Q: Charlotte has long been a hub of culinary excellence. What is your favorite area restaurant to dine at? Do you have any favorite dishes?

    A: This question is tricky for me as a vegan … Our favorite restaurants are any places that have wine sold by the bottle retail that you can drink in house and serve great hummus, olives, crackers and nuts. We do love Cantina 1511‘s table side guacamole with warm corn tortillas, and they make a great veggie burrito.

    Q: Alright, now on to the fun stuff. A frog hops into your office wearing a bow-tie. Why is he there and what does he say?

    A: The frog hops in at “hoppy hour” (sorry … I had to) and says “I think I’m lost… Can you tell me where the Frank Sinatra lounge show is?”

    Q: If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

    A: We would start with great margaritas, Corona or Spanish red wine … Then we’d have fabulous vegan nachos and my husband’s famous guacamole, followed by chopped salad with cilantro-lime dressing, black beans and rice and Portobello mushroom fajitas.

    Q: Okay last question. How many jelly beans does it take to fill an Olympic sized pool?

    A: : Not a clue! I would guess, about 300,000?

    [box]To learn more about Diana’s neighborhood, visit the South Park Neighborhood Profile[/box]

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