How to Transform Your Garage Into an Amazing Space

Written by Mark Simons

Do you need a place to unwind and spend time with friends and family? Have a garage you don’t use? If so, then you have the motivation and space to make it happen. Turning your garage into a relaxing rec room isn’t as tough as you might think, and with a little ambition (and a few helping hands), you can have it done by spring.

What Kind of Space Do I Want?

First things first: You have to know what kind of room you want. A standard rec room might include a pool table and a small bar, but you don’t really have to stop there. You might create a room for crafting or make it your own personal home theater. Whatever your idea of recreation, think carefully about what you want before making plans. 

You likely have a garage full of things you probably don’t need. It’s best to clear everything out before you roll up your sleeves and get to work. 

Now Make Repairs

Now it’s time to evaluate the space to see if you need to make any structural or cosmetic updates. A few issues you might run into in a garage are water damage and poor ventilation. However, you can rectify these problems before you move any further into the process.

When the garage is healthy enough to turn into your own adult playroom, you might want to consider replacing the garage door with something that’s insulated and more secure. 

From the Ground Up

Your dream can begin to take shape once you choose the right floors. Like a basement, garages are often moist because of the concrete underfoot. Because of this, it’s best to avoid flooring that absorbs moisture, such as fiberboard laminate and solid hardwood. Carpeting might also be a bad idea, but tile, moisture-resistant laminate, and engineered wood will work just fine. And if the floors are in overall good shape, you might even let your creative juices flow by priming, painting, and sealing your concrete floors.

Depending on what activities you plan to do, you might also want to soundproof the garage. A Quiet Refuge blog notes that you can do this in a few different ways; however, acoustic sheets on the ceiling might be your best bet if you want to keep from disturbing everyone else. 

Measure First, Buy Once

Unless you plan to replace your garage door with a traditional style door, you probably won’t have any issues moving things in. However, make sure that you have good measurements before buying any recreational equipment. If you want to install a sauna, for instance, keep in mind that the average height is around seven feet; if you are dealing with an unusually short garage, that might be a problem. Something else that you’ll need to check is whether or not the floors are level. This might not be a big deal if you plan to throw a couch and TV into your rec room, but you will want to level out the concrete floors if you plan to have a pool table.

Decorate With Wallpaper

After you’ve created a functional space, you’ll want to take some time to make it your own. One of the easiest ways to make your garage feel like home is to install attractive non-toxic wallpaper. You can find elegant removable options that are also recyclable! And if you order from a designer that offers on-demand printing, you’ll be able to customize your design and won’t have to worry about your wallpaper being out of stock. 

There you have it — a few quick and mildly painless tips on how to turn your unused garage into a place you can be proud of. Remember, it starts by making sure the area is safe; after that, it’s all a matter of personal taste and budget.

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