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    How to ensure everything in the home selling process lines up perfectly

    Having a successful home sale process is critical for those looking to make a strong return on investment with as little stress as possible. Taking the correct measures to accomplish this can be quite rewarding, and it can help everything line up perfectly.

    This sale in Magnolia Springs, conducted by Lodestone Broker/Realtor Trent Corbin, was successful for a number of reasons, including the strong staging input provided. It also benefited from buyers who acted cooperatively, strong photos, great pricing and a significant amount of hard work.

    The staging input, provided by TheStagingGirl.com founder Barbi MacKinnon, was instrumental in the success of the sale. This was made possible by looking in Magnolia Springs to see what the style and location of the properties were, which told us that the potential purchaser likely would be seeking out space to use as a part-time home office.

    Pricing was a major factor
    It is important to have the property show a price that reflects its actual value, and this was accomplished by not only researching the market price – and putting the offer slightly below that level – but also by speaking with a third party for an opinion on the property.

    The homes dealt with through Lodestone are always priced competitively, but there is a balance that needs to be met. Pricing too high will scare away potential buyers, which could result in greater time on market. It is important to land a purchase contract in the first month, as any time after that will yield an average 2 percent drop in price with each passing month.

    Photographs prove important
    Along with competitive pricing, it is necessary to take great photos of the property, as an improperly staged home will not photograph well. Brian Stogner, owner of Elemental PixTours, worked closely with Barbi on the home sale, and together, the two offered tremendous insight.

    "Some home sellers may not see the connection for the need to stage their property with good photographs, but this is why we aim to give a strong staging consultation that includes photos from professional photographers with experience in the industry," Corbin said. "This is all done on our dime and at our own risk. We take these measures to show the seller that photographs are a major aspect of putting a home up for sale, and if we don't use them, the home shouldn't be put on the market."

    "We also guarantee a contract in 60 days as long as our clients are willing to let us work our plans. If this doesn't work, we give the homeowner the listing back and they pay nothing. Since we've started this process, we have never had to give a listing back," he added.

    All in all, this recent sale was a major success.

    "We hit the market May 29 and had a full-price offer inside of the 2-week mark," Corbin noted. "Several similar homes in the neighborhood have sat for much longer. We were also able to negotiate the offer with no seller contributions to closing costs and a strong due diligence fee with 10-day due diligence period."

    Any individuals who are looking at the prospect of selling their property in the coming months have lots of options available to them. To get started, it could benefit them to speak with a Lodestone representative. They will sell your home and get you the best outcome – guaranteed.

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