How Much Would Famous TV and Movie Disasters Cost

TV shows and movies are iconic for taking home disasters to the next level. Have you ever sat and watched one of your favorite TV show or movie scenes where the home was destroyed? Maybe an angry husband kicking through a door or evil Wizard’s causing a ruckus and setting fire to your home. 

If you’re a fan of the show New Girl, you might remember the scene where Jess’ installation of a rooftop tub ends up flooding and ruining all of Schmidt’s suits. Or looking back at the ultimate classic film Wizard of Oz, ever wondered what would happen if your home got swept up into the clouds and landed in Oz like Dorothy’s? 

These aren’t your typical DIY home repairs and some of these damages seem like they could cost thousands of dollars. When it comes to homeowners insurance, do you think these famous fiascos would be covered? 

The Zebra analyzed 10 of the most iconic pop culture home disasters to see how much they would really cost. Check out the fun visual guide below to see the cost of these home damages and whether or not they’d be covered by home insurance. 

how much pop culture home disasters would really cost

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