Home Office Options for New Entrepreneurs

If you're going to be running your business from the comfort of your own home, a little bit of forethought is needed. Start by creating a business plan and duly registering your business in an appropriate structure, both in your state and with the IRS (here’s a web page that can help). You may find, however, that your home office setup will not be quite as easy to handle.

Lodestone Real Estate shares three different options for setting up your new office at home: buying a new house with an existing office, making renovations to an existing one, and redesigning the space in an already-existing layout. Which option you choose will depend on how much money you have to spend and what kind of environment suits you best.

A Deeper Look at Home Office Creation - 3 Options

Buying a home with a home office already built in

Our first option is buying a home with a home office already built in. If you're planning on running your business from home to save money, or for any other reason, having a separate office space with a door that closes is the way to go. The ​​Lodestone Real Estate team can tailor-fit your home search to better find the property that suits your needs and wants. Make sure you do your research and really think about what you need.

Add a home office to your current house

Option number two is bringing a home office to an existing house. This means you are adding on another room or extending living space that currently doesn't contain an office. This option can be great for customization, but it's also the most work.

When building your new home office, be sure to consider a few crucial elements:

Always think about the traffic flow in your potential office. Will it be hard to move around with papers and equipment? You want this room to be as efficient as possible, so don't forget important things like closets and windows for natural light.

Think long and hard about lighting in your new office. If you're going to be working on a computer, you want to make sure there is enough light so that you don't hurt your eyes.

Consider heating and cooling. The room needs to be comfortable.

Redecorate your current home office

Our final option is redecorating your current office space. If you already have a home office of some kind, consider ways to make it more efficient. If you are looking for an upgrade, check out stores such as Ikea and Target. Be sure to find a style that will work well with the rest of your house.

For those looking to redecorate their current office space, consider these tips:

If you need more storage space, add vertical shelves and try to buy some large cabinets or storage units for extra supplies.

Consider purchasing new furniture if yours is getting worn down from constant use. Comfort is a big factor in productivity.

Consider using a larger screen as a computer monitor. This can improve efficiency if you use the computer a lot.

Consider adding a door if your office doesn't already have one. This can increase comfort and privacy for long work sessions.

You want to make sure that your new space is efficient, comfortable, and well-organized. So take some time to consider these factors when redesigning or setting up your home office for business use.

It's Possible to Create the Perfect Home Office!

Whether you're planning to buy a new home with an existing office or make renovations to your current one, it's important that the space suits your needs. Whether you need more storage for supplies and equipment or even just a larger computer monitor for increased efficiency when working on-screen, think about what will work best in this room so that time spent is effective and efficient. 

With these tips in mind, take action and get your perfect home office! Let Lodestone Real Estate help you find your next home. Call ​(704) 281-0047 today.

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