Home improvement projects that can enhance your home's safety

    While many of the best neighborhoods found in and around the Queen City are known for their low crime rates, homeowners are rarely able to avoid dangerous situations they create themselves. Accordingly, those who have recently completed the process to buy a house in Charlotte have increasingly been making updates to their properties that effectively improve safety. These projects can provide a considerable return on investment, as future buyers may be more interested in purchasing a home with these precautions already installed, but they also benefit occupants by improving the quality of life that they can enjoy while living at the residence.

    Individuals who choose to have the following safety measures installed around their house can benefit by adding a chic aesthetic, as well as protecting their well-being and increasing the comfort they experience in the living spaces that they use the most.

    As the most-frequented area in a residential home, the kitchen may be considered one of the safest rooms, but it contains its fair share of risk. 

    Ample lighting – Due to the fact that knives and other sharp objects are routinely used for cooking, it would be a good idea to have the proper amount of illumination available in this part of the home. Overhead recessed lighting can introduce an upscale appearance to the space, and track lighting allows cooks to personally control which parts of their work areas are lit. 

    Hygienic features – With so much food preparation occurring in this part of a home, it is imperative that surfaces and materials are always clean and void of any harmful germs. Thus, installing wall-mounted hand dryers, incorporating sanitizer dispensers and purchasing commercial-grade dishwashing machines can make sure no hands, food, plates or silverware are too dirty to use. 

    This living space can definitely poses a multitude of risks to homeowners, so all should consider ways in which to decrease their chances of being hurt.

    Scald protection – Many people like taking hot showers, but nobody enjoys getting burned while doing so. If a house's plumbing system allows extremely hot water to pass through the shower and sink, individuals may want to have protections put in place that would prevent scalding water from being used.

    Grab bars – Since the surfaces in bathrooms can get slick and slippery from time to time, its a good idea to have stylish grab bars placed in strategic locations around the room. This will help cut the risk of dangerous falls. 

    Looking to learn of other home improvements projects that enhance safety? You can benefit from contacting Lodestone Real Estate and speaking with an experienced housing professional.

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