Five Moving Blunders to Steer Clear of This Year

Written by Sarah Shockley

Do you remember packing your toys in the big brown boxes? Have you experienced the hassle of moving to a new house? A new place brings many exciting things along. The atmosphere changes; you get to meet new people and understand their living style. It involves many new opportunities for you and your family. 

However, moving to a new place involves a lot of special considerations to make things right. Relocating from one home to another can be hectic. Numerous essential tasks often overwhelm home owners. Whether you are moving blocks away or moving across states, relocating is a huge undertaking and involves many decisions. 

Only prior planning and effort can help you to move efficiently. Moving is indeed a stressful task, but it does not have to be. You will need to stay calm and go easy with the to-do list. With that said, let’s discuss five moving blunders for you to steer clear of this year, to ensure a smooth move. 


While planning, many homeowners take too much stuff with them. As some start with the checklist, they will find every item of unique value. As per the professionals’ recommendations, always move smartly by taking minimum belongings to your new house. Separate items that are either broken or no longer usable. As you declutter your home, it will help you take only what’s important. Taking all the things during the process will require more space in your new house, thus causing mess all over. 

Many people struggle with throwing out or leaving items behind. Some people consider different things of sentimental value to the family. Tossing these items away might sound complicated and heart wrenching to some people. However, there are numerous ways to declutter your house. You can use storage units to gather all extra items and use them later as per convenience. Texas has the second biggest population in the US, and people readily book storage units in Carrollton, TX, to help. The storage units can provide ample space for storing various items, and many even have specialized atmospheric requirements.


While planning to relocate, one needs to leave enough time before that day. It means you must always plan and pack everything ahead of the moving schedule. People still face challenges and issues before moving to a new location. In this case, having enough time ahead of schedule can save you the struggle to sort out any problems that may arise. Almost 40 million people each year relocate to another location. 

Always plan your packing ahead of schedule to keep on the safe side from unprecedented problems. Give yourself about 2-3 months before moving to the new location. Rushing through packing will result in a disorganized move, which will increase problems on the other side of your move. Perform your research and planning earlier to ensure a seamless move. 


A Moving checklist is essential for a smooth move. A list helps you keep track of all the items and processes involved in your move. No matter how much mental memory you have, avoiding the checklist can cause problems. Write all the tasks that must get done before moving out of the existing house. Many people think packing is the only factor to consider before moving to another place. However, there is a lot more than just packing. 

A comprehensive list can enable you to perform all the tasks without forgetting anything. Since you will be packing stuff and hitting the road for your new home, forgetting any remaining items can cause a headache and create a need to come back. The checklist of activities can involve all kinds of tasks like disconnecting utilities, changing mail addresses, and updating licenses. 


The fact is people always skip the part where they have to change their mailing address. They wonder why they are not receiving the expected stuff. Updating your mailing address will allow you to receive all mail at the new location. All you need to do is visit the post office ahead of the moving day and inform them about your new address. 


Experts always advise on double-checking or keeping a survival backpack for everything. The same goes for moving to the new house. Since you will be moving to a new place, you may not realize what comes ahead on the first day in a new neighborhood. You can not unpack every item box on the day of the move. Meanwhile, designated essential item bags with all kinds of items can save you energy rather than frantically searching through boxes. 


Mistakes happen but are indeed avoidable. However, your move does not have to be a difficult process. Performing all the essential tasks and backups can help you to set yourself up for a more painless process. 

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