Do Landscaping Designs Enhance Your Real Estate Value?

Written by Sarah Shockley

Are you fond of your little paradise? Homes serve a bigger purpose than providing shelter. It is a place to unwind, relax, and enjoy ourselves after a hectic day at work. You can keep it minimalistic with subtle décor and furniture or spruce up the place with exclusive artwork and fancy decorations. Either way, invest in designs that can pump up the value of your property. You can get durable paints, HVAC system, marble countertops, and furniture to primp the interior. 

Simultaneously, you may pay attention to the exterior of the house as the first impression is the last. Alongside the walls and garage, consider landscaping the vacant space. When a buyer takes a glance at your home for the first time, the curb appeal of landscaping elevates the entire appearance of your home. Surprisingly, it can add thousands of dollars to the value of your property. In the US, it is amongst the few home improvements that increase in value as the years pass. 

Unlike interior design that goes out of style every year, landscaping stays evergreen since plants grow fuller and beautiful. If you are skeptical about it, let us help you make the right choice. Let's take a look at how Californians are investing in landscaping design to enhance real estate value. 

  1. Design Strategy 

Unfortunately, you can't get up one day and purchase a garden since your lawn looks empty. Similarly, you can't stuff the yard with low-quality grass and plants because this is not how landscaping works. Landscaping projects demand some time and a bit of strategy too. First of all, decide how much space you want to occupy and at the same time you must ensure that there is sufficient parking left behind. Once you have the structure ready, list types of plants you want. 

The ideal landscape has a perfect mixture of shrubs and perennials. Are you wondering how to make this possible? If you are in California, search for landscaping service in Auburn, CA, to achieve a uniform look with the right amount of flowers are shrubs. It will look appealing with some diversity, but make sure it is not so little that the landscape seems too plain. 

  1. Align with Your Home's Architectural Design 

Although people build landscapes on yards, you have to align it with your home's architectural design. Focus on creating a unique look to enjoy higher returns on your landscaping investment. If you have a craftsman-style home, opt for classic and straightforward landscaping. It would consist of structured bushes, a bed of fresh flowers, and of course, some shrubbery. Similarly, if you have a Victorian home, a Japanese garden could be the perfect fit. 

Whereas for modern style homes, stay away from square and formal gardens. Invest in contemporary landscapes with plenty of greenery and natural flower beds that fit the house's contours. Besides, if your tastes keep changing, chose a versatile design that can adapt to any home style and theme.

  1. Achieve Seasonal Balance 

Those spring blooms won't impress the buyers who are looking at your home during fall or winter. Usually, the real estate market is slow, meaning you can't sell a house overnight. Therefore, to achieve the optimal value out of your landscape, go for a year-round style. Get some blooming bulbs, flower beds, and shrubs with different, colorful leaves. Even though the buyers will look at your house during one season, but the blend of every season can surprise them. The smooth seasonal balance makes your garden and home look beautiful despite all the seasonal changes. 

  1. Plant Trees & Flowering Perennials

Landscape and urban planting go always hand in hand. Trees are the only plants that connect with humans, keeping the environment fresh and lively. You may consider adding a couple of trees to the landscape, as well, for instance, if you want more shade in summers, opt for deciduous trees. Otherwise, if you're going to enhance the visual appeal, get evergreen trees with some flowers. 

The vibrant florals can add beautiful colors, texture, and dimension to your landscape. The thick shrubbery and blooming plants can make your landscape look mesmerizing. If you want to try something different, get sophisticated landscape elements - curved flower beds or island paintings. Likewise, add some aromatic flowers to the design and enjoy an intriguing scent all-around your house. 

  1. Install Automatic Irrigation Systems

With a breath-taking landscape, it demands loads of attention and care. Unfortunately, in the hustle-bustle of daily life, no one can regularly stand for hours to give plants the right amount of water. You might come home late or have an early morning meeting, not letting you spare any minute. 

Hence, consider installing an automatic irrigation system. It would regularly water your plants and lawn with the exact amount of water they need. Moreover, when selling the property, buyers would be happy to know they don't have to spend hours watering the hedge. Thus, increasing the real estate value of the house. 

  1. Edge Your Lawn 

Landscaping seems simple, but when you are getting it done – brace yourself to learn all the small details. Edging the lawn is one of them, and it works like a manicure for your garden area, making it look well-maintained. You can start edging along the driveway, garden, and pathways. It reflects how your entire property is in a top-notch condition, creating a high selling point. If you are wondering how to edge the lawn, here are some tips. 

  • Use a spade to create a separation between your lawn and the garden. 
  • Feel free to add barriers – stones, timber, or bricks between the lawn and walkways. It looks beautiful and serves the purpose. 
  • Remove excessive grass to make sure it is not interfering in the walkways. 
  1. Create a Mesmeric Pathway 

By now, everything must be looking perfect. However, some people are afraid of damaging the landscape due to high traffic. Therefore, consider creating a pathway to your patio. You can place some flat bricks on the grass. Otherwise, if you want a more formal look, opt for delicate tiles. You can also add some fairy lights that can light up the way at night. Similarly, feel free to place small lanterns in the corners of the landscape to enhance its curb appeal. 

Final Thoughts

Every homeowner wants their place to look nothing but perfect. At the same time, they want to cough up money on things that contribute to the home's value. Landscaping comes in handy, enhances visual appeal, and suits people with all kinds of budgets. Picture the design you want, get a quote for it, and see how much value it adds to your property.

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