Alternative functions for your unused garage space

    As Charlotteans increasingly adopt green lifestyles that emphasis environmentally-friendly practices and habits, many of the residential areas around the city are significant seeing changes. With more individuals taking advantage of options like public transit, walking and bicycling, it seems that fewer cars are seen on local roads every day.

    Accordingly, a number of homeowners have undertaken projects that make better use of the square footage found within their garages. While these spaces can be rather basic, a few updates can transform them into habitable living areas that can be devoted to a variety of purposes. Additionally, the improvements could lead to an increase in a home’s value and possibly attract the attention of consumers hoping to buy a house in Charlotte.

    If you’re thinking about enhancing the unused space in your garage, you could benefit by upgrading it to accommodate the following functions.

    Private greenhouse
    The Queen City’s typical weather patterns provide prime conditions for plant growth, but during some times of the year, temperatures can drop significantly. Thus, if you consider yourself to have an exceptionally green thumb, you may want to convert your garage into a cutting-edge greenhouse. Having a set of skylights installed, or replacing your entire roof with glass panels, can allow a substantial amount of sunshine to enter the otherwise dimly-lit room. After making such changes, you could potentially grow beautiful flowers and organic produce year-round.

    Additional living area
    Just because you don’t think you would make use of your furnished garage doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t either. If you update the space to provide modern comforts like electricity, heat and running water, you could use the space to host visiting family members and friends. In addition, if there is a separate entrance to the living area, you could even rent it out to a tenant. As long as you’re comfortable with having another individual live under your roof, this could be an additional source of monthly income.

    Personal exercise facility
    If you like to do more than just jog to stay in shape, you might want to consider turning your underutilized garage space into an exercise room. After laying down some durable rubber matting and incorporating some kind of ventilation system you can introduce the various equipment and technology you use to work out. If your routine is particularly demanding, or includes loud music, you may want to consider soundproofing the room in some way.

    Special studio space
    If you’re not interested in completely renovating your garage, another simple way to make use of the square footage is to turn it into a home office or special space where you can enjoy your hobbies. Whether you like to paint, sculpt, write or brew, this living area can provide you the room needed to do so. Customizing the room to feature your favorite decorations and designs can help heighten your creativity as well as your personal enjoyment of the space.

    Interested in learning of other uses for your underutilized garage? The housing professionals employed by Lodestone Real Estate can inform you of many more using the agency’s expansive database. Contact a representative today for more information.

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