8 Thrifty Tricks for Freshening Up Your Home Amid Quarantine

8 Thrifty Tricks for Freshening Up Your Home Amid Quarantine
Written by Katie Conroy

Though staying home is already wearing people thin, the continued pandemic means further quarantine may be on the horizon. For many households, sticking close to home has meant home improvement projects and refreshed interiors. If you haven’t yet tackled a DIY task, now is the time to begin some economical yet mood-boosting projects.

Focus on Value-Add Projects

Even if you’re hoping to sell your home in the future, many improvement projects are worth the effort. Follow Lodestone Real Estate’s advice and choose projects that add value to your home. From updating the kitchen to painting rooms neutral colors, all manner of changes can be cost-effective, especially if you’re listing your property soon.  

Splurge on Something Special

Though most of your elements can be budget buys, splurging on one unique item can tie the whole project together. Whether it’s a functional piece or something that’s simply gorgeous to look at, you can save money with online discounts or promotions. With QVC promo codes, you can save on retail purchases without sacrificing quality.

Apply a Coat of Paint

Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to update your home. In most cases, a neutral color is the best option – especially if your goal is to appeal to prospective buyers. But if you want to make your house feel cozier, Martha Stewart recommends warm paint colors like creamy white, rich red, soft blue, or even a lighter orange.  

Devote Energy to Refinishing

If your home has authentic wood floors that need a little love, now is the perfect time to refinish them. In most cases, floor refinishing takes a hefty time investment. Yet the low cost of materials (consider your labor “free”) makes this a doable upgrade to liven up your living area. In fact, refinishing up to 2,000 square feet of wood floors can cost as little as $700.  

Do a Deep Disinfect

Deep cleaning has taken on a new meaning amid the coronavirus pandemic. But according to Penn Medicine, you may already have everything you need to sanitize and deep-clean every nook and cranny. Disinfecting wipes and sprays, isopropyl alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide can all combat coronavirus (along with other viruses and germs). With some elbow grease and a free weekend, you can sanitize every corner – and breathe a sigh of relief.

DIY a Work Desk

If you are working from home during the pandemic, creating an office space might be a priority. If you’ve been limping by with a makeshift kitchen-counter desk, consider a DIY project that’s free – or nearly there. Whether you pick up something secondhand or use scrap wood to concoct a workspace, plenty of desk DIYs can offer inspiration.

Head Outside (for Curb Appeal)

If you’re staying put rather than selling your property, curb appeal may not seem like a big deal. But when you consider that your outdoor spaces are an extension of your indoor living area, the exterior becomes more of a priority. Anything from a front porch bench to flowers along a walkway can boost your mood and make your home more welcoming (even if visitors aren’t welcome just yet).

Grow Greenery for Relaxation

Though the data that suggested plants could clean the air may have been debunked, that doesn’t mean greenery isn’t good for you. In fact, studies indicate that ornamental indoor plants can support patient recovery post-surgery. Plus, growing plants from seed is inexpensive and rewarding. But even purchasing full-grown houseplants is doable for many homeowners on a budget.

Being stuck inside the house is vastly different than relaxing at home. With these inexpensive projects, you can make your abode more inviting, comfortable, and rejuvenating – all without overextending your budget. Even if the quarantine continues indefinitely, you can feel refreshed and tranquil.

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