7 Top Home Color Trends To Inspire You In The New Year!


In 2022 everything color should point you toward colors that make you feel good! The trend is a disregard for tradition or “what’s in style”, the trend is to simply go with what you love. Creating rooms layered with colors that mirror your own style, and inspire you each time you enter a room is what should drive your design decisions, and paint is the most straightforward/low-responsibility update you can make to your home, so don't shy away from what makes your space uniquely you, 2022 is an ideal opportunity to make it happen!

Warm Summer-Like Tones

There has been a spike in inspiring shades this year. Yellows, tangerines, pale purples, and pinks, colors that once may have been regarded as a bit too playful for our main living spaces, are now saturating the insides in an extremely modern and grown-up way. Due to the pandemic, many of us have struggled with the inability to travel to our favorite bright summery spots, so trends show that many of us are selecting more extravagant paint tones to infuse inspiration, fun, and warmth into our homes (we are definitely seeing more of this in the houses in my area Houses for Sale in Lantzville BC.

Encouraging And Familiar Blues

Blue shows up in home design quite consistently. The family of blues is seemingly a universal that we’re are attracted to without fail. This year it's profound blues that are leveraged most. Design experts are encouraging us to use these bolder blues not only for accents colors but for main spaces that set the tone and energy of the home. If that sounds too drastic, start with a closet, nook, or bathroom to adapt to the power of bold blues!

Nature-Inspired Greens

Similar to 2021, 2022 will also be a year that we look to nature for design inspiration. The allure and colors are a big part of home trends and enhancements that we will see in the upcoming year. The biggest color pull from nature is greens. It’s not hard to understand the affection as it summons sensations of consolation, rest, and security. If you want to dive into greens, soft green is a great starting point as it’s impartial, but to get its full effect, be courageous with the application permitting it to completely embody the space - even ceilings!

Shades Of The '70s

Many of us are moving away from darker colors to welcome these natural tones that are surpassing our affinity for cool neutrals. The addition of this warmth conceals, consoles,  and welcomes. They invite the outside in and are showing up everywhere for good reason. For inspiration, look to exemplary neutrals, but be mindful to prevent them from being draining or depleting the space - these colors love “pops of color” partners that you can easily introduce in the form of pillows, curtains, or artwork.

Profound Jewel Shades

Dim and turbulent is a new pattern that is gaining popularity. These tones are being utilized on flights of stairs, windows, or woodwork to give exquisite definition to a space. A profound plum with a red undercurrent makes for a striking option in contrast to the more traditional charcoal grays and blue-blacks we’ve seen for some time. 

Pinks Paired With Teal Greens

The surprising shading blending that is hot pink and backwoods green is unmissable and is seen in homeware, kitchens, and bedrooms. Green and pink are reciprocal tones as they combine well and create a playful combination. recline across from one another on the conventional shading haggle one another and are undeniably less differentiating than green and red. 

Stone Hues

The impartial cold grays and conventional creams are falling away and creating space for hotter nonpartisan stone tones. These richer stone hues create warm spaces that give off a cozy and welcoming vibe. These delicate neutrals can be utilized in every aspect of the home.

Not only are we getting bolder and less traditional with color choices for our homes, but the infusion of textures (wallpapers, metal tiles, and textured tiles and stones) is showing up in big ways and spaces. We seem to be welcoming the idea that our homes are truly an extension of ourselves. See where the paint takes you and then layer and add elements that pull in the things that comfort and inspire you!


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