4 great ways to update the look of your home's fireplace

    With winter just around the corner, homeowners across the Queen City are likely preparing their properties for colder temperatures and the occasional dusting of snow. Although the region is as beautiful as ever during the season, the weather conditions typically lead individuals to spend a considerable amount of time indoors.

    Therefore, it's important that they are comfortable and warm at all times. After swapping out the storm windows and turning up the thermostat, another thing that Charlotteans tend to do in wintertime is utilize their fireplaces more. Not only do these residential features have a valuable function, but their aesthetic charm can significantly enhance the look of a room as well. 

    If you just recently accomplished your dream to buy a house in Charlotte, there are a number of ways you can improve the appearance of your home's fireplace that can heighten its convenience and update its effectiveness. By completing one of the following projects, you might even benefit from seeing your property's value rise.

    1.) Install new mantle, accents
    A popular upgrade is installing a new, opulent mantle and hearth. These can give the room a cosmopolitan atmosphere and provide a place that you and your guests can sit to warm up. Mantles are available in all shapes, sizes, styles and materials, so you should give some thought to the living area's design scheme and your neighborhood's ordinances.

    2.) Stylishly incorporate wood storage
    In addition to the warmth it emits, a chic fireplace can significantly improve the overall appearance of a room. Increasingly, homeowners have been incorporating storage space for their firewood into the living space, and enjoying enhanced convenience as well as the updated ambiance. But why stop there? You could include shelves for your other belongings. 

    3.) Switch to a gas alternative
    Tired of fussing with firewood? Upset with having to deal with all that smoke? Perhaps you may want to think about replacing the existing fireplace with a gas alternative. These appliances can be turned on with the flick of a switch and emit no noxious fumes or pungent odors. In addition, they are available in a variety of fashionable styles.

    4.) Consciously highlight the fireplace
    During the warmer months, when the fireplace isn't used very often – or at all – you may not pay much attention to it. However, the winter season spotlights the feature's importance, and so should you. This can be as simple as painting the fireplace a different color and rearranging your home's furniture and decor around it, or as intensive as redesigning it completely.

    Just because the fireplace came with the house your bought, doesn't mean you have to keep it looking the same. If you want to improve your home's fireplace, you should first consult a local professional in order to learn of your options, then spend a good amount of time considering the possibilities and configuring a suitable design. 

    Want to learn of other interesting ways to dress up your home's fireplace? contact one of the knowledgeable professionals at Lodestone Real Estate, a trusted authority in Charlotte's housing market.

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