Lodestone Welcome Home Concierge Services

Allow us to extend to you a very warm early welcome to your future home. It is with great pleasure that we offer you the complimentary Lodestone Welcome Home Concierge Services to ensure your move is comfortable and filled with ease.

Services are curated by need, including out of state relocation and local moves.

Below you will find the resources and services offered for coordinating: 

Lifestyle: There are a wide variety of activities, eateries and cultural experiences to be had in Charlotte and the surrounding area. We’ll help you acclimate to your new city by pairing you with activities, eateries and locations to explore.

Child and Pet Care: Guidance and contacts based on your child care needs. This includes any fur babies.

Movers: We're happy to help when needed

Moving Day: The team will be available to ensure your home is ready for you when they arrive. Special arrangements can be made to enhance your moving day experience. We will make reservations for your first night out as official NC residents or arrange a meal delivered to your home for a cozy night in.

Driver's Licenses: Step by step instructions on obtaining your NC Licenses and Vehicle Tags.

We look forward to providing you with the high level of service you deserve as you discover your neighborhood.

Leaving the Queen City? We're sad to see you go! Let us help send you off to your new home with love. Our Concierge can connect you with a Lodestone Preferred Partner Realtor in your new city and ensure you receive the Lodestone treatment in your new hometown. 
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